A new arrival...

After many months of gestation, growth and development, our seed of an idea has arrived and I’m pleased to announce the birth of a gorgeous picture book. A book to help children, 4-7 years, learn how to manage their worries.

The book was written by my colleague (Dr Anna Smith - psychologist) and myself (Dr Patrick Davey - psychiatrist). Between us we have 20 years experience of working for the NHS . We both work in specialist anxiety disorder services in South London.

Based on psychological principles, this book provides proactive and crucial first steps to start to aid children to develop their own ‘mentally healthy tool kit’ of resources to manage worry and anxiety. It aims to provide children with the language to label and name what they are feeling and to share their worries. It provides a framework to help parents help their children through validation and normalisation (see our FREE PARENT GUIDE PDF) for deeper explanation of these principles.

We all have worries but this book can teach children the tools to manage these so that no one ever has to stop doing the things they love.