Illustration © Anne Wilson

Illustration © Anne Wilson


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Cheeky Worries is the story of one boy’s journey to accept and understand his worries so that he can express what he is feeling and keep doing the things he loves.

Finn is a normal boy like any other and loves sliding, parties and adventures. One day an unhelpful thought pops into his head that makes him feel scared. To make the scary thoughts go away he stops doing what he enjoys. This makes him unhappy and he finds himself upset and uncertain what to do. Thankfully there is a wise owl at hand who understands the difficulties and is so familiar with them, she even has a name for them; Cheeky Worries.

Illustration © Anne Wilson

Illustration © Anne Wilson

The wise owl teaches Finn that worries are normal and we all have them. She explains to Finn how to recognise a worry, label it and then make a decision about how to manage it.

With her help Finn learns that he can tell a grown-up or switch his attention from the worry. Using these skills Finn realises that he can cope with the worry and carry on doing what he wants to do.

Finn having fun.  Illustration © Anne Wilson

Finn having fun.

Illustration © Anne Wilson

Cheeky Worries

Age 4-7 years

32 pages, full colour, 210 x 280mm portrait

When cheeky worries stop Finn enjoying the things he loves, the wise owl knows just what to do. This gentle story uses psychological principles to help children learn how to manage their worries.

Published by Survival of the Nurtured Ltd.

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